COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) on Thursday released a report indicating an increase in wages across the majority of the state over the past two years.

The report examined employment and wage status of South Carolinians amid what has been dubbed “The Great Resignation.” According to DEW, data suggests that the phenomenon “is less of a mass exodus out of the workforce entirely and more of a transition of employees from one job to another.”

DEW noted that the shift is often due to employees leaving existing jobs in favor of higher-paying jobs, as wage gains have been reported in most economic sectors and metropolitan areas across the state.

In the Charleston-North Charleston metropolitan statistical area, wages have increased 9.2% over the past two years. In April of 2020, average weekly earnings totaled $957.13, compared to $1,061.23 in April of 2022.

The Grand Strand area experienced the most wage growth at 20.6%, with average weekly earnings in April of 2020 coming in at $685.13, compared to $826.56 in April of 2022.

The Augusta/Richmond County area of Georgia/South Carolina experienced a 0.8% decline in average wages, with weekly earnings of $915.73 reported in April of 2020, compared to $908.79 in April of 2022.

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