COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – This Earth Day, state officials are reminding citizens they can put in their fair shares in small, earth-friendly ways to protect and preserve South Carolina’s natural resources.

The SC Department of Health and Environmental Control says that “every day is Earth Day” and the agency is committed to working with partners statewide to promote the health of the public and the environment.

“Our state thrives with its clean air and water and abundant natural resources. This is a day to celebrate the many ways each of us can make a difference in our backyards, businesses, and communities,” said Myra Reece, DHEC’s Director of Environmental Affairs.

DHEC shares that residents can take part in the following ways to celebrate Earth Day:

  • Take part in Earth Day events at nearby state parks
  • Plant a native tree or backyard garden
  • Volunteer to Adopt-a-Stream or Adopt-a-Beach
  • Ask your local government about opportunities for roadside litter cleanup
  • Add a compost pile to your backyard
  • K-12 students and teachers can learn about how to become one of SC’s “Champions of the Environment”

In addition, officials remind residents to recycle, minimize food waste, preserve water, carpool or use public transportation to reduce car emissions – which are all more ways in creating a healthier environment.

DHEC’s Environmental Affairs division protects and promotes the local environment through the following programs:

  • Drinking Water Program
  • Air Permitting
  • The Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
  • The Lane and Waste Management Permitting Program
  • Bureau of Environment Health Services

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