Drivers not obeying school bus laws is a problem in the Upstate

South Carolina News

PIEDMONT, SC (WSPA) – You see them almost every day on the roadways, the big yellow buses carrying your children off to school, but across the Upstate, troopers say people aren’t obeying the school bus laws when driving on the roads.

Every morning, Brittany Black walks her six-year-old to the bus stop at an intersection off Highway 86 in Piedmont. On Friday, a video captures her waiting to get her daughter off the bus when two cars pass the stopped school bus.

“Just how can people not stop for it, it’s obvious you need to stop for a kid and I guess people just aren’t paying attention and are on their phones or doing whatever it is they do,” Black said.

Black said the cars in this video are not the first ones to pass her daughter’s bus while stopped.

“The bus driver doesn’t let her out of her seat until she knows all those cars are stopped,” Black said.

With other parents and buses across the country capturing similar videos, troopers want to remind drivers of the law.

“If you are on a two-lane road and a bus stops, the traffic moving in both directions has to stop. If you are on a four-lane road and going the same direction as the bus you stop, but if you are approaching, you don’t have to stop,” said Trooper Joe Hovis with SC Highway Patrol.

Not only could an accident occur, but you will be charged with a misdemeanor and pay a fine.

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