HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — For the first time since his son went missing while duck hunting on a jon boat near North Myrtle Beach, Brian Doyle spoke with News13.

His son, Tyler Doyle, went missing on Jan. 26. Brian Doyle said his family has been struggling the past few months, but finally feel ready to talk to the public about Tyler.

“I’m not the one that’s done anything here, you know what I mean,” Brian Doyle said. “We’re just trying to get the truth out there and find Tyler.”

Brian Doyle said when he was told his son went missing, he almost had a nervous breakdown. Tyler was Brian’s first-born child, and Brian said no parent should have to experience this pain.

“Your worst fear. It’s the worst fear that any parent that cares about their children could ever have,” he said.

Brian Doyle was emotional throughout the interview, but he did open up about how special Tyler was to him.

“I only got a few people in my life that are real close,” he said. “And me and Tyler, we were like, we got a bond — I just can’t even explain it.”

Brian Doyle also addressed the social media groups and rumors that have circulated around his son.

He said Tyler isn’t just part of a missing persons case, but that he’s a loved son, brother, father and people need to put themselves in his shoes.

“I don’t know how they would act if it was their child right there,” he said. “Like on one of these chats, I had deleted my whole entire Facebook because you got people that think everything’s a joke.”

Brian Doyle and his family have had an overwhelming amount of support from the community the past few months, and he said they appreciate all of the prayers.

Through all of it, he said he still holds out hope that Tyler will be found alive.

“It’s going to be left up to God and I feel like he’s going to give us a miracle,” Brian Doyle said. “I really do. I feel it in my heart. A lot of people are doubting me, but God works in mysterious ways.”

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is leading the investigation, but Brian Doyle said has not received any updates and wants answers.

He added that he has not heard from the person who was on the boat with Tyler Doyle the day he went missing. DNR said back in February that there was no foul play suspected in his disappearance.