WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – Governor McMaster and state emergency management leaders held a briefing Saturday after to discuss Hurricane Ian’s impact on South Carolina.

In a briefing Saturday just before 1 p.m., McMaster and several state officials thanked first responders and local governments for their service as Hurricane Ian made landfall on South Carolina.

McMaster announced Saturday that there were no storm-related deaths from Hurricane Ian in South Carolina.

“All in all, this is a good story for South Carolina,” McMaster said, adding, “we are back in business.”

State Emergency officials said that South Carolina will begin recovery operations Saturday.

Power has been restored at a record pace.

South Carolina Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall said the areas of Pawleys Island and Garden City appear to be the hardest-hit areas as far as roads go. She said it’ll take about two to four days of roadwork for recovery.

McMaster and ‘Team South Carolina’ will visit Georgetown County Saturday afternoon.

McMaster will observe coastline damage by helicopter and meet with local mayors on recovery procedures.

A second press conference will begin in at 4 p.m. at Beck Recreation Center and will be streamed on counton2.com.