GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A collection of firearms, including some owned by the family of one of Hollywood’s most notable gunslingers, will be auctioned in Greenville later this month.

Richmond Auctions, located on Donaldson Road in Greenville, announced on Wednesday its 2023 Firearms & Sportsman’s Auction will take place on November 18.

The auction will feature 165 lots containing guns, many of them engraved shotguns, rifles or handguns, 176 lots of early hunting, fishing and shooting advertising and 31 lots of antique fishing lures.

Among those items for auction will be a a selection of custom guns made by Colt, Winchester and Uberti which were given to members of Wayne’s family with the release of the John Wayne Commemorative Gun Series.

Each of the family-owned guns has a unique serial number corresponding to each of Wayne’s children, making them one-of-a-kind collectible items.

One of the weapons, a revolver previously owned by Patrick Wayne, John Wayne’s son, is engraved with a flowing banner reading ‘God created man, Col. Colt made them equal,’ and is stamped as number 1 of 1,000 such revolvers made.

Another item for auction is a display revolver featuring a laser scroll engraving with a stagecoach scene on the left side of the barrel.

“We are looking forward to bringing such a unique collection to the market,” said Jordan Richmond, owner and founder of Richmond Auctions, in a press release. “Being the first to ever bring an original John Wayne family issued Colt 3 revolver set to market is extremely exciting for the firearms community and for our company. We have spoken to several private collectors as well as John Wayne museums and none of them were aware that a set like this even existed. This is a very historic and special moment for John Wayne fans.”

Richmond Auctions has posted photos of all of the items up for auction on its website.