COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is conducting a Bobwhite Quail survey to monitor the population.

The Bobwhite Quail is the official game bird of South Carolina, known as the ‘Prince of Gamebirds.’

According to SCDNR, the population has seen an increase and decline as “man and the progress of civilizations have altered the environment.”

SCDRN reported in 2020 that quail restoration efforts in the state improved following the establishment of the South Carolina Quail Council.

The council is comprised of 28 partners that advocate for habitat restoration for Bobwhite Quail and other wildlife species with similar habitat requirements.

To monitor the population, the SCDNR Small Game program is conducting a Bobwhite Quail survey.

The survey is focused on visual and auditory observations of the species.

To complete the survey and aid in the preservation of Bobwhite Quail, visit the link here.