CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham on Tuesday announced his renewal call for the state’s General Assembly to temporarily suspends SC’s gas tax.

Amid the conflict in Ukraine and supply chain issues, Joe Cunningham says the suspension of the state’s gas tax will help “with the recent spike in gas prices.”

“Gas prices are out of control for a variety of reasons and it’s time for South Carolina to take action to help families save money at the tank,” said Cunningham. “By suspending the gas tax and supplementing the lost revenue with American Rescue Plan funds or money from the state’s budget surplus, we can ease the financial burden on South Carolinians without delaying or jeopardizing a single infrastructure project.” 

Cunningham initially called for the suspension in November, when gas prices were at a 7-year high.

Officials say the current gas tax in SC is $0.26 with gas tank capacities ranging from 10 to 30 gallons.

The gas tax suspension would save drivers about $5 to fill up a 20-gallon tank.

“It’s time to stop the blame game and focus on actually solving the problem at hand; this is a common-sense step that will benefit every single South Carolinian,” said Cunningham. “I hope they will set politics aside and provide some much-needed relief to South Carolina families.”