Lawmakers react to SC Rep’s racially-insensitive post denouncing Hate Crimes bill

South Carolina News

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – South Carolina Representative Victor Dabney (R – Kershaw County) on Wednesday took to Facebook to express why he would be voting in opposition of the Hate Crimes Bill, which later passed a second reading in the House.

The racially-insensitive post — to put it mildly — was not well received by Dabney’s fellow politicians.

“Hello Patriots,” it begins, “as you read this post, please remember that I was elected by you to stand up for you, not to bow down to the ‘Left’.”

Dabney says that the left has vilified his “entire way of life.”

“It is our ‘whiteness’ and our ‘straightness’ that keeps getting in the way… In our ‘color blind’ society, we are constantly reminded that we are the problem because of our skin color. We are the reason that blacks can’t seem to succeed in our society. We are the reason that black crime rates are ten times that of others. We are the reason that the black family unit has been destroyed and most young black children don’t have a father figure in the home… At least that is what I am told on a regular basis.”

Dabney goes on to explain that he sees voting against the Hate Crimes bill as his way of taking a stand.

Trav Robertson, the Chair of the SC Democratic Party, shared the post and called on SC House Speaker Jay Lucas to remove Dabney from any committee assignments.

Former SC Representative Bakari Sellers called the post racist.

SC Representative Wendell Gilliard (D – Charleston) said that comments like Dabney’s are “the very reason why we need a Hate Crime Bill.”

Gilliard told News 2 that lawmakers are planning to hold a press conference Thursday to address Dabney’s comments.

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