JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – Lowcountry organizations gathered to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through the power of music and worship at the First Baptist Church of James Island.

“It brings unity. It reminds us that united we stand, and divided we fall,” says Reverend Charlie Murray, the Pastor at First Baptist Church.

The First Baptist Church of James Island and Murray’s Mortuary hosted the annual Martin Luther King Jr. commemorative concert to celebrate and remember his life. City of Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg says its an honor Lowcountry organizations come together to represent the honor Dr. King’s life had.

“We commemorate his life, his values and strive to live those out in our daily lives. It’s a very meaningful experience,” says Mayor Tecklenburg.

The Lowcountry Voices, a multicultural and ethnically diverse choir performed for their seventh year in the concert. Music Director Nathan Nelson for the choir says he makes sure songs of hope, strength, courage and faith are sung.

“These are all characters I believe we should have as citizens of the United States. When it comes to songs, those are the kind of things that we pull from,” says Nelson.

Linda Malcolm is one of the members of the group and she says being able to sing songs that represent Dr. King’s courage signifies the joy singers have when performing it for hundreds to enjoy.

“There are songs of perseverance, encouragement, courage and faith. I think those are all things you can equate with Dr. King,” says Malcolm.

As the pandemic has impacted the event from happening in person for the last two years, leaders with the church made sure attending in person or online was possible so everyone could celebrate.

“As we are navigating our way through this madness, we still want to bring the joy and celebration of remembering Dr. King,” says Rev. Murray.

The full service and concert at the church is posted on the First Baptist Church of James Island Facebook page, open to the public to watch.