COLUMBIA, S.C. (WYFF) – Just days from the originally scheduled execution of Richard Moore and it’s unclear what will happen next after the South Carolina Supreme Court issued a stay.

Moore was convicted of shooting and killing James Mahoney at a convenience store in Spartanburg County in 1999.

His lawyer, the executive director of Justice 360, argues that Moore does not deserve the death penalty, partly because he didn’t walk into the store with a gun.

“I pray for the forgiveness of that particular family,” said Moore, expressing remorse in a video from Justice 360.

“I hate it happened I wish I could go back and change it- there’s a lot of things in my life I wish I could change but this definitely the most, this is definitely a part of my life I wish I could change because I took a life. You know, I took someone’s life.”

Protestors of the death penalty gathered at the State House on Wednesday, featuring Randy Gardner, the brother of the last person executed by firing squad in the country.

“We shouldn’t be killing our own citizens. There’s different ways we can take care of them without making murderers of ourselves,” he said.

The state’s Supreme Court issued a temporary stay on April 20, blocking South Carolina from carrying out what would be its first-ever firing squad execution. That execution was scheduled for April 29.