Murdaugh family is significantly behind in taxes

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COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) – The Murdaugh family is facing more money troubles as investigations continue into a series of crimes surrounding them.

Alex Murdaugh’s own attorney admits his client is a person of interest in the murders of his son and wife.

In an interview with Fox Carolina, Jim Griffin said he believes Alex is innocent, and if South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigators had the evidence he killed Paul and Maggie, he would have been arrested already.

The man who Alex Murdaugh asked to kill him is also speaking out.

Curtis Smith told the New York Times he feels “betrayed” by his friend.

Smith says he didn’t know why Alex Murdaugh called him that day, but he thought of him “like a brother” and would have done “almost” anything for him.

Smith says once he knew what Murdaugh wanted, the pair struggled and then the gun went off, hitting Alex in the head. But Murdaugh told Smith he was OK.

Smith is facing criminal charges of assisted suicide, insurance fraud and the sale of methamphetamine in connection with that incident.

Alex Murdaugh wanted to die in hopes of securing a $10 million dollar insurance policy for his son Buster.

He stands accused of stealing millions from his own law firm — which has let him go and is suing him — as well as the family of Gloria Satterfield, who claims Murdaugh stole more than $2.7 million in insurance settlement money from them back in 2018.

But does Alex Murdaugh have any of that money left?

Records in Colleton County show thousands in unpaid taxes on the family properties, which are in both Alex and Maggie Murdaughs’ names throughout the county.

That includes $7,475 from 2020 on the family’s Edisto home and $14,500 more still to be paid from 2020 tax rolls on various other properties, including the family hunting land that Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were killed on.

That’s not counting any 2021 taxes, which were sent out last month.

Between all the properties, those bills total almost $50,000.

Normally, the delinquent taxes could lead the property to be sold at Colleton County’s annual tax auction in December.

The tax assessor’s office tells WSAV News 3 the lawsuits and other pending claims in the civil lawsuits against the Murdaughs have put that on hold.

In Lis Pendens claims, the Beach and Satterfield families say those properties are collateral for any money they may win.

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