New bill would increase cost of hunting, fishing licenses to pay for coyote removal

South Carolina News

COLUMBIA, SC (WCBD) – A bill has been introduced in the State Senate to create a coyote bounty program.

The program would pay for adult coyotes to be lawfully removed.

It would be paid for through a $1.00 increase for hunting and fishing licenses in South Carolina.

The proposal also allows coyote trapping year-round.

State Senator Stephen Goldfinch of Murrells Inlet introduced the bill.

Coyotes have become a problem along the South Carolina coast in recent years.

According to the website, coyotes are more frequently seen and heard during mating season which is January through March, and when juveniles leave the family pack in September-November.

Experts say coyotes are naturally timid animals and will typically flee at the sight of a human.

Still, if you see one do not approach it. You should either leave the area or call animal control.

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