ORANGEBURG, S.C. (WCBD) The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) has arrested a man recently charged with stalking on nine counts of violating a court order of protection and one count of second-degree harassment with a restraining order or injunction in effect.

According to OCSO, David Anthony Davis (55) of Bowman has been harassing his ex-wife since last year.

The victim told authorities that Davis was standing outside her home every day, calling her personal phone and place of work, and sending emails and voicemails with “escalating [degrees of] violence.”

In November, Davis was charged with stalking and one count of violating a court order of protection. He faced a $26,000 bond and was required to wear an ankle monitor.

This week, investigators learned that Davis had continued contacting the victim from different phone numbers and using an app that disguised his phone number.

Additionally, Davis’s ankle monitor showed that he had been near the victim multiple times.

Despite impassioned pleas by an OCSO Victim’s Advocate for bond to be denied, Davis’s bond for the new charges was set at $50,000 cash or surety.

He was also ordered not to go near the victim’s place of work or residence, according to OSCO.