CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – While fewer Americans are expected to hit the roads this holiday season, Triple A reports we will still see millions of travelers on the roadways starting today.

If you and your family does decide to travel, the CDC has measures in place to help protect you from the coronavirus.

Many people, whether traveling for three hours or eight, are expected to pull over at rest stops and gas stations for things such as bathroom breaks, gas, and food stops. The CDC is reminding everyone traveling to be sure to wear a mask in all public settings.

The CDC also reminds everyone to keep distance between you and the person in line in front of you, wash your hands thoroughly if you do use the bathroom, and avoid touching your mask, eyes, nose, and mouth.

Officials also recommend that if possible, try to minimize the numbers of stops if possible by packing your own meals/snacks, have drinks on hand, and pack emergency roadside kits.

It’s not just the the CDC that wants to keep you safe this holiday season, but state troopers will be out on the roads and they want to remind drivers to be aware.

“Obey the speed and law and you don’t text and drive, you got your seatbelt on and you don’t drink and drive. For every one of you, there are plenty of people that’s breaking at least one of those laws,” said State Trooper Joe Havis, SC Highway Patrol. “You need to be cognizant of that fact and make sure you’re cognizant of the people around you when you’re traveling.”

If you are headed out of state, officials say make sure you check that state’s guidelines for any restrictions.