Parents discuss future of education at SC Joint Citizens Committee on Children

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WBCD) – Leaders from across the state gathered at the South Carolina Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children to talk about the largest problems facing children in the state.

During the committee discussion, some parents addressed state legislators to talk about the impacts their family’s have felt over the past year.

“The only thing I hear about is Covid-19. I don’t not hear what are the mental, health consequences and psychological for my child for the rest of her life,” says one local parent.

Some local education advocates say they want more answers on how to keep education and safety a top priority, as the pandemic has taken a toll on so many children.

“kindergarten looks very different than it has in the past. and the expectations and goals we set for kindergarteners today are rigorous,” one local advocate says.

The committee gathers research and information on children’s issues to give recommendations to Governor Henry McMaster and the General Assembly. Parents say they want their comments about mental health, child abuse and health concerns to be heard now more than ever.

“This pandemic has thrown a lot of conventional thinking about children vulnerability about the disease out the window and more children are sick,” says one concerned parent.

Dr. Elizabeth Mack with MUSC says even as daily Covid-19 case numbers drop, case numbers in South Carolina children are still the second highest in the nation.

“Data shows that South Carolina still ranks 3rd in terms of percent of Covid-19 cases that are children and 23% of our cases are still in children,” said Dr. Mack.

Parents fear the psychological damage the pandemic will have on the future of their children’s education as they feel the masks have taken over their kids day to day well being.

“The masks are hurting our children. It’s daily, relentless and there needs to be more normalcy,” says one parent.

The committee has already introduced 13 pieces of legislation and are hoping the committee meeting will encourage legislators to pass more proposed bills.

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