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Police: Man threw hot coffee in teen's face at SC McDonald's drive-thru

CAMDEN, SC (WCBD) – Authorities are searching for a suspect who they say threw hot coffee on a teenager in the drive-thru of a McDonalds in the Midlands.

The Camden Police Department released security video Tuesday of the patron, hoping someone would be able to identify them.

According to an incident report, the patron became angry after waiting for their order last month.

When the customer pulled up to the window, they reportedly told the 16-year-old employee they wanted a large fry because he was unsatisfied with the service and requested to speak with the manager.

It was then the customer started talking loudly and “acting obnoxious,” which prompted her to close the window because she felt he was going to cause a problem.

The man began threatening to throw the coffee and called the teenage employee back to the window.

Unaware he had already removed the lid to the coffee cup, the irate customer then sloshed the hot drink in teen’s face, the report stated.

We’re told the customer was driving a red Ford Focus at the time of the incident.

The employee refused medical service when police arrived but appeared to be okay.

Police are still looking for the suspect.

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