COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – A public hearing was held Thursday at the South Carolina Statehouse as an ad hoc committee discussed a bill that would further restrict abortions in South Carolina.

Charmain of that committee said some 150 people had signed up to speak at Thursday’s hearing. Each person was allowed up to three minutes, during which one woman said she was a beneficiary of Roe v Wade and could not believe how the public hearing was being held.

“I am aghast at what is little more than political theater,” the woman said, noting that holding a public hearing at noon on a weekday would prevent many from being able to make their views known.

Some spoke out for abortion rights while others made clear they want abortion illegal in the state.

“For pregnant women, or women who want to be pregnant, if you want your baby, please know we will support you and you are 100% strong enough to have that child. But just because you’re strong enough does not mean that you should not have a choice regardless of what that is.”

One woman said she survived an abortion by induction.

“My birth mom did not see my life as valuable. Do you? Do you see my life as valuable,” she asked. “Women of South Carolina do not need abortion. I am a woman and I simply needed a chance to live.”

A decision on the bill was not made during Thursday’s hearing.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article included two quotes from separate individuals as one full quote. We have removed that secondary quote from the original in this update.