CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)-A new record has been set for the number of children in state hospitals with COVID-19, according to new data released by the South Carolina Children’s Hospital Collaborative Thursday.

The data includes patients from MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, McLeod Children’s Hospital, and two Prisma Health Children’s Hospitals in the midlands and upstate.

As of Thursday morning, 61 hospitalized children have tested positive for COVID-19. 29 of those patients are unvaccinated. 26 are under the age of five and are therefore ineligible for the vaccine. The remaining six have received at least two doses of the vaccine.

7 unvaccinated and 1 vaccinated COVID-positive children are in critical care.

There are 4 COVID-positive children under the age of five in critical care and one on a ventilator. One child has been diagnosed with the COVID complication MIS-C.

The previous high, reported last week, was 54 children.

An MUSC doctor said that while a few of the patients are hospitalized because of COVID-19, most have been diagnosed with COVID-19 after being admitted for a different reason.