Renderings released as Carolina Panthers move forward with training facility in Rock Hill

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ROCK HILL, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- The renderings of the Carolina Panthers’ future training facility in Rock Hill are out and not everyone is excited about the plans.

Some people were interested to see what the new facility will look like, but concerns about money and traffic are still at the forefront.

The 200-acre property where it’ll be built sits just off of Interstate 77 near Cherry Road in Rock Hill.

“That’s a huge facility and that’s coming like right around the corner and it’s like insane just to have that picture of what it looks like,” one neighbor told FOX 46.

“It’s amazing. It’s huge. Hopefully, once they get it built they’ll let the locals tour it and check it out before they have a grand opening,” said another.

The nearly 600,000 square-foot headquarters and training site is estimated to cost $200 million, causing concerns with some residents.

“It looks nice. It truly looks nice. I’m just worried about who’s going to be responsible for paying for it. Who’s going to gain financially from it moving here.”

For others, the price tag isn’t as much of a concern as the potential congestion.

“My only concern with the practice facility being so close is that it’s going to cause more traffic.”

The future site will also include a sports and entertainment venue which some say will provide the economic growth needed on this side of the border.

“I definitely think there’s going to be a boost. It’s going to provide some jobs that are closer to the suburban area that are outside of the charlotte area which is great.”

The facility is set to open in 2022 and many people say despite their concerns, they’re excited to see what it will look like in person.

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