COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – State Representative Wendell Gilliard is again calling for metal detectors to be installed in all schools and athletic buildings across the state.

Reps. Gilliard of Charleston and Wendy Brawley of Richland and Sumter counties pre-filed legislation, H 4580, in the South Carolina House back in November 2021. It was introduced and read for the first time in January of this year when it was referred to the Committee on Education and Public Works.

The bill would amend South Carolina’s Code of Laws and provide the installation and use of walk-through metal detectors in elementary, middle, and high school buildings and athletic venues.

“We are all taught from an early age that ‘actions speak louder than words,’” he said in a press release this week. “For too long, our state leaders have sat motionless on the sidelines as our children have been victimized, harmed, and murdered by gun violence.”

He said the tools are available to “intervene in this terrible circle of pain, death, and grief.”

Rep. Gilliard is calling on fellow lawmakers in the South Carolina House of Representatives to quickly pass his bill.

If passed, the requirement would go into effect on July 1, 2023.

As schools work to get the systems installed, they would be required to use handheld metal detectors to screen people entering the buildings.