COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – An annual report by the South Carolina Department of Veterans’ Affairs found that the military community accounts for 11.2% of the state’s economy, with the Charleston region leading the state in economic contributions from the military community.

According to the 2022 Economic Impact of South Carolina’s Military Community study, one in every nine jobs is either directly or indirectly connected to the military community, which generates an economic impact of $34.3 billion annually.


In the Charleston region alone, the annual impact of the military community is $12.7 billion.

Charleston is home to 15,612 service members, 75,242 Veterans, 15,505 military retirees, and 5,413 Department of Defense (DoD) civilians, according to the report. South Carolina has the 10th highest density of service members in the country.

Charleston also hosts three major military outlets: Joint Base Charleston, U.S. Coast Guard Sector Charleston, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Those — combined with Department of Defense contractors, military retirees and Veterans, and parts of the South Carolina National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve, and U.S. Navy — support nearly 80,000 jobs in the region.

The report indicates Joint Base Charleston has a substantial economic impact on both the state and the region. Joint Base Charleston is responsible for a $10.9 billion annual impact statewide, as well as an $8.3 billion annual regional impact.

Coast Guard Sector Charleston has a $261.6 million annual impact on the state, followed by the Army Corps of Engineers at $61.6 million.

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