COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – Riverbanks Zoo and Garden has provided an update on the facility’s grizzly bears following the loss of their beloved Sundance in early May. 

Earlier this May, the zoo shared the passing of its beloved grizzly bear, Sundance, who died of natural causes. 

Sundance left behind his brother Butch. Sundance and Butch had been together at the zoo for 20 years, according to Catherine, the Bear and Cat Supervisor at Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens.  

Zookeepers were worried about Butch after Sundance passed as the two bears have spent their whole life together. 

After mourning the loss of his brother, Butch is doing well and showing normal behavior. 

“He has taken up his typical digging habits, continues swimming regularly, and has a very healthy appetite,” Riverbanks Zoo and Garden officials said. 

His keepers have continued to spoil him with extra scoops of peanut butter and grapes, his favorite snack.