COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) – Lawmakers voted Wednesday afternoon to give a second reading to a bill that would require businesses that sell certain alcohol-infused products to have a physical location and a beverage license.

The South Carolina House of Representatives voted 66 to 35 to give H.4998 second reading.

Representative Micah Caskey (R-Lexington), the bill’s main sponsor, said the legislation would make the state’s alcohol laws consistent across product types.

“The Department of Revenue and SLED have taken the position our current alcohol laws only apply to beverages,” said Rep. Caskey. “With these food products, we’re making sure those same rules will apply to them.”

H.4998 would require businesses to have brick-and-mortar locations and a beverage license to sell alcohol-infused products with more than 0.5% of alcohol by volume. This would apply to products like popsicles or ice cream.

“You shouldn’t be able to get an advantage by selling your alcohol in a different form,” Rep. Caskey said.

Booze Pops Founder Woody Norris said this potential change in law would put his business in jeopardy. Booze Pops sells liquor infused popsicles to customers from food trucks across the state.

“We want to be regulated but we don’t want to be legislated out of business and that is what’s happening,” Norris said.

According to Norris, his company follows all local, state and federal laws on the books right now.

He said they have no plans to open a traditional store and would have to shut down if H.4998 becomes law.

The bill is expected to get third reading Thursday and be sent to the Senate.