SC man forced from his home while naked announces lawsuit against Rock Hill Police Department

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ROCK HILL, S.C. (NBC News Channel) – A South Carolina man is suing his local police department after he was forced from his home, naked, and at gunpoint.

Video that was released by the man’s attorney shows what happened back on June 3rd of 2019.

Jethro DeVane, who is now 71 years old, says he was asleep in his bed when he was awakened by bright lights coming from his yard.

When he went to investigate, he was startled by Rock Hill Police officers, who were in pursuit of four minors who were allegedly breaking into vehicles.

One officer, Vincent Mentesana, can be heard on camera yelling and directing orders to DeVane, forcing him to stand in the nude outside.

At one point, DeVane was held at gunpoint just before officers searched his home for the minors.

Devane was home alone.

The man later filed a complaint against the city, but it was dismissed with no disciplinary actions taken against the officers involved.

He is now suing the department and the officers involved. His lawyer calls the incident humiliating and disgusting.

“Mr. DeVane was treated less than human. He was pulled from his house completely naked at 70 years old held at gunpoint wasn’t treated with any ounce of decency,” said Bamberg.

He went on to say: “You would never in your life see Officer Mentasana or any of the officers on scene that night go police Congressman Ralph Norman’s neighborhood this way… but if you live in a neighborhood that’s lower-income or working-class then apparently your rights don’t matter as much to some people.”

“He could’ve took my life in a minute and he put the gun on my shoulder and I heard the trigger when he pulled it back. Click. I thought I was gone,” said DeVane during a news conference on Tuesday.

“They picked me up the next day. And he said I got something to tell you… he was just playing with you. He wasn’t going to shoot you… how can I say he’s not going to blow my brains out,” he said.

DeVane went on to say, “When you showed that video it brought back a lot of thoughts… I probably won’t get over it for the rest of my life because it’s like… this didn’t happen to you.”

The local NBC station asked the Rock Hill Police Department for comment, but has not heard back.

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