COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – South Carolina’s top law enforcement officials are calling on the General Assembly to pass bond reform legislation.

Attorney General Alan Wilson and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Chief Mark Keel sent a letter Monday to Senate President Thomas Alexander, House Speaker Murrell Smith, and the conferees for the conference committee on H.3532.

The bill, which passed in the House back in April, would enhance penalties for people who commit a violent crime while out on bond or other pretrial release on a previous violent charge.

“We desperately need bond reform passed as soon as possible. Our current system allows for repeat offenders to continue a life of criminality and endanger our communities,” said Attorney General Wilson. “By strengthening GPS monitoring for defendants out on bond and creating oversight and accountability into the process, South Carolina will be a safer place for everyone.”

Chief Keel and AG Wilson say they approve of the bill overall, especially where it would give SLED the authority to approve electronic monitoring companies and devices.

“SLED has the knowledge and expertise best suited to perform those functions and has agreed to take on this responsibility,” they said in the letter.

Under the bill, electronic monitoring companies would be required to provide law enforcement and prosecuting agencies with real-time monitoring and notice of violations. They must also provide a report of who they are monitoring to clerks of court like they would with a bonding company.