School changes to the 2020 academic year can affect your child in multiple ways

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Due to the pandemic the 2020 school year will look a lot different, but it is also recommended to be sure that you discuss with your children how and why things are different.

There is a new system to figure out how likely COVID-19 is to spread in school districts in South Carolina.

DHEC plans to give a low, medium or high rating to each specific school district.

It is based on coronavirus data trends in each county. The Accelerate-Ed Task Force recommends:

  • “Low spread” rating districts will work on a modified traditional schedule
  • “Medium spread” rating districts will work on a hybrid schedule; fewer people in the buildings
  • “High spread” rating districts are recommended to only do distance learning; meaning no in-person classes are recommended.

With all of the changes and things that may occur during this school year, officials are recommending that you speak with your children in advance.

One child therapist, Margaret Koon, here in South Carolina says that parents can set up children for success this Fall. She says that no parent is an expert at knowing how to handle changes due to the pandemic.

Margaret Koon, a clinical social worker, says to sit your children down and reassure them that this is only temporary. “Instead of focusing on how this affects us and how negative we’re feeling about this what can we do to make the best of it,” said Koon.

Koon also stresses the importance of keeping an eye on your child’s mental health. She says that if they are isolating more and now engaging with friends as much, to call your pediatrician.

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