QUANTICO, V.A. (WCBD)- A South Carolina Highway Patrol Troop Commander has reason to celebrate after graduating from the FBI National Academy.

Capt. J.T. Morf was one of more than 250 individuals to recently graduate from the prestigious academy in Quantico, V.A.

“It’s such an honor. It’s such a well-known institution,” said Capt. Morf, commander of the Highway Patrol’s Troop 2. “To be in such a small percentage of those that have actually gotten the chance to attend, it’s hard to even describe.”

The National Academy is a 10-week program that offers training in advanced communication, leadership, and fitness led by FBI Academy instructors, special agents, and other staff with advanced degrees. It is held at the same facility where the FBI trains its new special agents and intelligence analysts.

As part of the Academy, participants must complete a physical fitness class that culminates in a 6.1-mile run through the words on a Marine-built trail affectionately nicknamed “The Yellow Brick Road.”

“It’s not an easy course, but there’s a lot of camaraderie that goes along with it,” SCHP Maj. M.J. Gamble, who graduated from the FBI National Academy in 2003, said.

Capt. Morf said he benefited most from courses in emotional intelligence, employee wellness, and effective writing and plans to share those lessons with troopers of Troop 2 which covers Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry, and Saluda counties.

“Without our people, the agency doesn’t exist,” he said. “We really have to be tuned in to how our people are feeling to make sure we keep them well, because if they’re well, the agency is well.”

In order to be accepted into the National Academy, participants must have a proven record of professionalism in their agency, complete a written application, a medical examination, and a physical fitness test. On average, participants have at least 21 years of law enforcement experience.

Capt. Morf joins the ranks as the sixth member of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety to graduate from the FBI National Academy, including three Highway Patrol troopers and two Bureau of Protective Services officers.