MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Sidney Moorer, who was convicted in the disappearance of Heather Elvis, has lost another appeal, according to documents from the South Carolina Supreme Court.

The South Carolina Supreme Court denied Moorer’s appeal and stated it should’ve never accepted the case, according to the document.

Arguments were heard May 17.

During an appeal hearing, Moorer’s attorney asked to remove the obstruction of justice charge, stating Moorer did nothing to hinder the investigation.

Moorer’s attorney admits her client lied about calling Elvis from a payphone before her disappearance, but that he corrected his statement within 10 seconds.

Moorer was first found guilty of obstruction of justice in September 2017 in connection with Elvis’ disappearance. He was then found guilty in a re-trial in 2019 on the kidnapping charge.

Moorer’s legal team said even though Moorer lied, it caused investigators to do a more in-depth investigation than they would have if he told the truth.

His appeal claimed that the lead investigator admitted he would have investigated the case the same way even if Moorer was not a person of interest. Moorer’s attorney also said even though her client lied, the state must prove how the lie omission could have possibly affected the outcome of the investigation.

Moorer’s attorney had asked for a new trial to be conducted in Georgetown County, claiming that the jury pool in Horry County was corrupted by social media. According to information from the case, more than 100 people in the jury pool claimed they did not know about the case.    

Moorer’s wife, Tammy, is also serving a 30-year sentence after being convicted of kidnapping in October 2018.