GREER, S.C. (WSPA) – Elections are right around the corner and both of South Carolina’s gubernatorial candidates made campaign stops in the Upstate Monday evening.

Republican incumbent Governor Henry McMaster and Democrat Joe Cunningham addressed potential voters.

Two different political candidates and viewpoints took the stage in the Upstate. Governor McMaster, running for re-election, talked about patriotism and big government.

“The Constitution of the United States was written and passed by those 13 states to protect your God given rights against this national government,” said McMaster.

The governor spoke about what he saw as his past victories while in office, like steering South Carolina through COVID-related mandates.

“We’ve brought lawsuits against every single one of those mandates and we’ve won every single case,” he said.

He took the opportunity to outline his current campaign.

“There are three pillars of our strength and success, one is education, one is environment, and one is economic growth,” said the governor.

Democratic nominee Joe Cunningham spoke in Greenville about his plans, if elected.

“I want to bring the starting salary for teachers up to $50,000 a year by the end of my administration,” said Cunningham.

He also addressed ways he would fund raising teacher’s salaries.

“I want to legalize marijuana and sports betting in South Carolina,” he said.

He spoke about fixing the roads and protecting rights he said are in danger of being taken away.

“I trust women to make their own healthcare decisions,” said Cunningham.

Governor McMaster said he will continue to run this state by common sense.

“Common sense, you base it on the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of South Carolina and the United States,” he said.

He focused on the history of the state and educating the youth.

“We’re going to educate these young people. We’ve got the best technical college system in the entire world, we’ve got great universities that collaborate, communicate and cooperate. We’ve got people coming that want to work and they’re coming because of you,” said McMaster.

Cunningham put a big emphasis on education.

“We have teachers leaving our state in droves. Politicians are failing our teachers and when you fail our teachers, you fail our kids too,” he said.

He spoke about freedoms in South Carolina.

“More freedoms and what we can do for our state. What we can do for businesses and growing our economy. I want to move to eliminate the state income tax in our state,” said Cunningham.

The last day to register to vote in-person is October 7. The last day to register online is October 9.