Stuck in Honduras: SC woman trying to get home amid border closure for coronavirus, flight cancellations

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GREER, S.C. (WSPA) – An upstate woman is trying desperately to get home. She’s stuck in Honduras and since travel restrictions have been placed in some parts of the country including a border closure in Honduras and flights have been canceled, she doesn’t know when she can get out.

This started as a normal trip for Susan Campbell Nelson. She has been to Honduras before to help people there but this visit has been much different than the rest.

She arrived there a couple of days before her group and soon enough the trip was canceled, leaving her there alone and then the Honduras border closed.

“We have been made aware there are some Americans stuck overseas and can’t come home,” said Vice President, Mike Pence.

Vice President Mike Pence addressing a major issue popping up as the coronavirus continues to spread. That’s travelers getting stuck in countries that aren’t their homes.

That’s exactly what upstate resident, Susan Campbell Nelson is dealing with right now. She’s in Honduras. She went down there for humanitarian work.

“We go into some of the impoverished areas where they can’t afford and we build water tanks and provide funding for engineers to lay things out,” said upstate woman stuck in Honduras, Susan Campbell Nelson.

But now she’s stuck and doesn’t know when she can leave.

“I was rescheduled on a flight for the 17th and the morning, I received cancellation of that flight and they rescheduled me on a flight for the 18th. Within two hours, I received a cancellation for the flight on the 18th,” said Nelson.

She got down there at the beginning of March. Now, her family is trying to get her home

“Sometimes I feel like they tell me what I want to hear and then they tell me, you have to call someone else, this isn’t our department. Really? She’s an American citizen. Bring her home,” said Nelson’s Cousin, Sherri Oliver.

Nelson’s cousin, Sherri Oliver told 7 News she has been making calls trying to figure out what to do and how to help. But so far she said, she hasn’t had any luck. Neither has Nelson.

“At this point I don’t think we care where in the United States, just get us there and we’ll figure out how to get home from there,” Nelson told us.

Even though Nelson said this entire process has been stressful and overwhelming, she said this isn’t going to stop her from coming back someday.

“I’ll freak out when I get home and relax and all of this is in the past, it’ll all pile on to me then,” said Nelson.

Nelson isn’t the only American who is stuck in Honduras right now. In fact, she has been coordinating with others staying near her to try and figure out a plan.

Her flight for Monday morning was cancelled once again.

The next step she along with other Americans there are talking about taking is going to the U.S. Embassy and looking for answers there.

Officials with U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s office told us over a dozen South Carolina residents are stuck in countries outside of the U.S. right now.

They urge any American stuck overseas to register with the STEP program of the State Department. That’s something Nelson told us she has already done.

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