Students moved to hotels, cracks and bad smell in Clemson apartment

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Students at Clemson University had to be evacuated from an apartment complex after it began sinking.

Cracks in the foundation could be seen throughout the hallways of the luxury off-campus apartment building in Clemson.

Natalie Konopka, Resident – “There’s just like this huge crack in the floor, you’re like is this building going to collapse on me in my sleep.”

The complex, which opened two years ago has been having issues and residents say they are only getting worse.

Students who live there say they’ve had to deal with flooding, the smell of mildew and even repair foam rising out of the toilet.

Officials believe moisture or settling soil is to blame and they are working to identify the problem and find a solution.

Todd Steadman, Director of Planning & Codes, Clemson – “Our crews have been out there evaluating so we can determine for ourselves what we think the situation might be or what it might take to correct.”

In the meantime, residents who pay between $900 and $1,000 in rent have been relocated to hotels.

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