Tech company using jellyfish to detect COVID-19 searching for testing sites in SC

South Carolina News


VIENNA, V.A. (WCBD) – Senseware Inc, a Virginia-based tech company, announced on Monday that researchers are seeking beta-testing sites in SC for their new technology designed to detect COVID-19 in the air.

The technology “uses pathogen-specific antibodies and luminescent proteins from jellyfish that light up when coming in contact with COVID. These light signals alert the system and building operators within minutes of an infected person entering a space – creating a first line of defense in high-risk areas like hospitals and schools.”

Since it does not require additional testing and provides instant results, the technology could have massive implications if it proves reliable.

Senseware says that the “technology has passed rigorous third party validation” and is “ready for the final development phase.” The company is “excited to evaluate this technology in a real-world setting.”

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