Temporary license plates in SC will soon become trackable

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Temporary license plates for new vehicles sold in the state of South Carolina will soon be easier to track.

The announcement was made Wednesday in Columbia by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

Currently, temporary plates only include an expiration date, written with a marker and easily forged. The new plates will have a unique alpha-numeric code that will be tied to the purchase of the vehicle, and issued when the vehicle is sold.

DMV officials say the reason for the change is to protect law enforcement in the state.

“We feel naked as we’re trying to pull an individual over, we have no clue as to who it is,” says Kevin Shwedo, the Executive Director of the SC DMV. “It’s not real helpful and then the question was always asked, would you want your son or daughter if they were in law enforcement to pull somebody over with one of the current tags at three in the morning and know nothing about the person that they’re taking over.”

The trackable, temporary license plate will become mandatory for all newly-purchased vehicles beginning on November 11th of this year. They do not apply to mopeds or commercial motor vehicles.

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