Thousands of peaches stolen overnight, owner of York County orchard says

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YORK COUNTY, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Deputies in York County have an unusual mystery on their hands. They’re working to find a crook who drove into an orchard and took off with thousands of peaches.

This happened at a popular orchard in York County. The owner told FOX 46 there are tracks and indications that someone just pulled up and went to town, picking all they could.

It may sound a little strange, but for the orchard owner, it is serious business.

Black’s Peaches has been in York County for almost 100 years. Arthur Black runs it and the orchard nearby, and he says he stays there for one big reason.

“The people. That’s hard to say when someone comes and steals some peaches from you,” Black said.

But that is exactly what happened at Black’s orchard last week.

“They called me up about five minutes after 7 p.m. and they said there’s ‘no peaches up there,’ and I said ‘what?’”

York County deputies say the orchard was the victim of a big theft. Someone apparently really wanted the fruit and a lot of it.

“Somebody had picked them, tracks had gone up there and going out of the orchard. Minimum, they got 150 baskets of peaches.”

We’re talking around 3,000 peaches, worth around $1,500. Black is not happy and neither are his customers.

“I travel 37 to 40 miles to come here,” customer Sherman Dunmore said.

Dunmore heard what happened and was stunned at the fact that it happened here.

“This family has worked hard to serve the community and they shouldn’t come back to destroy all they have built,” Dunmore said.

Black’s orchard is on Black Highway in York. The orchard, started by Arthur Black’s great-grandfather is a staple people simply love.

Many want to know who pulled of the theft and why they did it, but for Black, he just doesn’t want it to happen again.

‘I got a little upset, to say the least. Probably spoke in a foreign tongue or two,” Black said. “But if they can live with it, I can live without it.”

That haul the thieves made off with led to Black getting peaches from some other orchards in the state to keep up with his demand.

York County deputies say they are going to keep a closer eye on the orchard, too to keep people out that shouldn’t be there.

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