HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) – Tyler Perry has agreed to build 93-year-old Josephine Wright a new home after a lengthy battle with developers on Hilton Head Island.

Wright’s story has been making news locally and nationally as she’s been in a scuffle with developers who are trying to force her to sell her land by using harassment and what she calls a “frivolous lawsuit.”

Bailey Point (BP) reportedly wants to buy Wright’s land located in Hilton Head, but she does not want to give it up due to the rich history behind it. BP then proceeded to file a suit to get control of her property.

Wright previously told News 3 that BP got approval from the town to develop 29 acres of land behind her home and says she turned down the offer. When Wright declined, she claimed BP started harassing her, which led to a lawsuit to rip away her family’s property.

Many celebrities have come to her defense, and one of those celebrities has stepped up to build her a five-bedroom home in South Carolina to replace the one she is living in with her grandkids.

New 3 spoke to the family on Tuesday, and they have verified they have been talking to Tyler Perry for a while now about the new house that will be on the site next to Josephine’s current home, which will also include a pool.

Actor/filmmaker Perry came to Josephine’s defense back in June when he became aware of her legal battle with the Bailey Point Investment Group.

Perry’s construction crew is expected to begin breaking ground on the home in the forthcoming weeks once all the permits are rectified.

This does not change anything with the lawsuit and property dispute as of now.