BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — If you travel across the 278 bridge from Hilton Head Island to Bluffton, South Carolina you can’t miss it. It’s the little blue boat sitting up on the marsh.

The vessel has been there for months or even years depending on who you talk to. It’s been there so long that people on at least one Facebook page have started posting memes of what may have happened to it, who may be on the boat or who should be on it.

WSAV asked the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) about it. They said in part that they have “no idea how long that boat has been there. It would be under the jurisdiction of Beaufort County.”

Then WSAV contacted the county, which wasn’t aware of the marooned mess until WSAV told them about it. They say now that it has been brought to their attention they can do something.

“That initiates the process for them to start what needs to be done to either remove the abandoned vessel or to locate the owner,” said Neil J. Desai, a Beaufort County Public Works Director. “And if they are successful they are given a certain amount of time it’s 60 or 90 days. The vessel is tagged and that technically starts the clock, so to say.”

South Carolina DNR said it’s the owner’s responsibility to move any abandoned boat and while they look for an owner, DNR will rely on the county to take that boat, move it to a marina and potentially to the landfill if no one claims it.

They recommend that no one tries to take it on the water.

“You may not know what condition it is in, it’s a safety issue is it leaking oil, is it leaking gas,” Desai said. “No point to get injured to pull a prank.”

Shortly after WSAV posted this story on the little blue boat, residents have been posting memes about the blue boat and to who it belongs. Someone created a public Facebook group to “save” the little blue boat.