YORK COUNTY, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Plans are being laid out to get construction going again in York County. Leaders in York County and Rock Hill hope a new financial plan will make the Carolina Panthers headquarters and practice facility a reality.

Construction stopped in March 2022 over a lack of funding. Since then, the York County Council approved a resolution outlining a new financial plan that Rock Hill is getting behind.

All they need now is Tepper Entertainment and GT Real Estate to sign off on the deal.

Details of that new deal include Panthers Owner David Tepper paying for the work upfront, then being repaid over 30 years with credits and tax incentives.

A statement released from York County Government:

“York County Council recently approved a resolution outlining a new financial plan to restart construction at the Carolina Panthers’ headquarters and practice center in Rock Hill.  This week the City of Rock Hill gave unanimous support to that plan.  For more than two years a great deal of work has gone into this project. That’s an understatement.   We’ve watched buildings rise from the dirt, an interstate overpass take shape, and hundreds of people pouring their energy and their passion into this monumental effort. 

York County stands with our Rock Hill partners in the desire to make this happen for our community.  We have consistently met with the Panthers, and have taken the steps they’ve requested to keep the development on track. 

 Along with the public, we await word from GT Real Estate and Mr. Tepper as to the future of construction there, including acceptance of the County’s proposed financial plan.   It’s our hope that York County, the City of Rock Hill and the Carolina Panthers can remain partners, press forward, and work together to make this project a reality for our community.”