South Carolina opting out of federal pandemic unemployment June 30


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- South Carolina is ending federal unemployment benefits related to the pandemic Wednesday, June 30.

Before the removal from federal unemployment, South Carolinians without a job were receiving $300 every week for almost a year.

Frank Hefner, an economics professor at the College of Charleston, says not everyone is going to look for a job right after the benefits end.

“The (benefits) that are still available, they can get and then qualify for state benefits that may tide them over until they find a job,” said Hefner.

Hefner also said that people may not find a job immediately because they’re looking for a specific position.

“The economy is growing, there are jobs out there to be found and now it’s just a question of matchmaking,” Hefner said. “The jobs that are open, do they match the skillset of the people who are unemployed?”

Dottie Karst, president of the staffing agency Charles Foster, is anticipating an increase job seekers. She also expects employers will be asking one question in particular:

“I also think we’re going to get a lot more employers asking ‘Why haven’t you worked since last March,?'”

Across the board, Karst says that many companies have openings that need to be filled.

“I think every company in Charleston has an opening of some kind,” said Karst.

But the problem for businesses, Hefner says, is that there are fewer people looking for work than the number of open jobs.

“I don’t know where we’re gonna get the people. We have right now as many jobs as we did two and a half years ago,” said Hefner.

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