South Carolina’s new left lane law begins Sunday


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – We’re just days away from South Carolina’s new “Move-over law” going into effect and drivers will be impacted by the new rules.

The move-over law is designed to get drivers out of the left lane unless they are trying to pass. This will go into effect starting this Sunday, August 15th

“If you’re not passing a vehicle, if you’re not exiting left, if there’s not a weather condition that’s causing you to be in that left lane then move over into that middle lane or far right lane,” said Nicholas Pye, SCHP Region PIO.

Troopers say to keep the lane open for first responders.

“Those first responders have a lane to be able to get where they need to be as quick and safe as they can to help whoever is in need,” said Pye, SCHP Region PIO.

Distractions in the car make it easy for people to not hear EMS coming up behind them. It’s important to always be aware of your surroundings when driving.

“We know that those seconds matter and with people not paying attention and it’s slowing our progress down to get to the scene,” said Carl Fehr, Division Chief with Charleston County EMS.

The law only applies to interstates and highways in South Carolina. Pye said the state wants to make it clear the new law is not an excuse for speeding.

“Not a law for people to speed if the speed limit is 70 miles an hour you can go 70 miles an hour but if you go 1 mile over, you’re speeding,” said Pye, SCHP Region PIO.

Although they are just issuing warnings at first, starting November 13th citations will be given out at 25 dollars.

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