Representative Wendell Gilliard recently reached out to the cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm to request that they help raise funds to help cover medical expenses for Tyreik Gadsden, the 5-yr-old Charleston boy who was shot and is now paralyzed.

Cameran Eubanks Wimberly, star of the hit tv show filmed in Charleston, started a GoFundMe page with the help of her fellow cast members.

The GoFundMe page description reads: “Tyreik Gadsden is the 5 year old boy who is now paralyzed after being shot in the back while walking out of his Grandmother’s home in downtown Charleston. This precious and innocent child will forever be affected by this heinous act of gun violence. We ask as a community and nation that you come forward and donate ANYTHING you can to this wonderful family who undoubtedly will have a mountain of medical bills and expenses. There is power in numbers. Lets ensure that Tyreik will be given the best possible chance to keep on being the bubbly, good spirited child that he is.”DONATE HERE