CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Recent tragedies across the country are leading lawmakers to take a closer look at the safety of Lowcountry schools.

South Carolina Representative Wendell Gilliard wrote a letter to the Charleston County School District, asking to meet with leaders to discuss the safety of students and staff at school.

Gilliard recently visited three schools and found “specific areas that need improving.” According to Gilliard, an open door at one of the schools raised a red flag for him. The school will remain unnamed for security reasons.

“I was taken back, it was mind-boggling. There was easy access, easy entrance to the school,” said Gilliard.

Rep. Gilliard met with the district to discuss this issue.

“They were very cooperative; I must say that. We all agreed that this incident should be prioritized, in other words, taken care of immediately,” said Gilliard.

Charleston County School District officials released the following statement:

“District staff members met with Rep. Wendell Gilliard yesterday at his request to discuss safety measures in our schools. As a district, the safety and well-being of our students and staff are major priorities, and we appreciate Rep. Gilliard’s input as we consider the most effective ways to better protect everyone in our school buildings.”

School safety is also a topic of conversation in the State Superintendent race. On Monday, candidate Kathy Maness vowed to sit down with police chiefs from across the state to discuss necessary measures, if elected.

Meanwhile, Gilliard said he plans to visit even more CCSD schools and hopes to further assess needs and concerns with district officials.

To read about CCSD’s current security measures, click here.