CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Doctors across the Lowcountry are advising people to prevent having to take a trip to the emergency room when they are out enjoying the summer.

On the Lowcountry’s beaches and waterways the most important step to staying healthy is to be hydrated.

“Make sure you have plenty of water. I think that’s one of the things that people underestimate is water. So you want to make sure that you have a lot of water,” said Dr. Kay Durst, of Roper St. Francis Hospital’s Physician Partners Primary Care.

Taking a walk in one of the Lowcountry’s parks requires safety considerations as well.

“We certainly want to make sure you stay on the path, wear the appropriate bug repellent and wear long sleeve shirts and long pants to minimize your exposure to some of these insects,” said Dr. Kenneth Perry, the Assistant Facility Medical Director at Trident Medical Center.

Doctors also are warning people about how to drink responsibly when they are at the beach. They say that people tend to start drinking early in the day and lose track of time.

“What that’s going to put them at risk for are things like sunburns and dehydration. If you are having alcoholic beverages make sure you’re alternating with water and making sure that you’re still having urine output,” said Dr. Perry.

Other safety tips for the summer

  • Have a family first aid kit.
  • Wear sunscreen everyday.
  • Have a fully charged phone.
  • Be mindful of rip currents.

If you do need to go to get medical help doctors say to be honest and have an idea of your medical history.

“We’ve seen everything. We’ve heard everything. So we want the most honest story. We’re certainly able to get to the bottom of it and help you if that happens,” said Dr. Perry.

“Make sure that your family is up to date with tetanus shots because that’s important to know. They can try to look it up in the hospital, but sometimes it’s an emergency so if you have that available that’s helpful,” said Dr. Durst.