Stone Soup warming hearts of local seniors this winter

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Chopping, simmering, seasoning, soup's on in Downtown Charleston.

One woman, Vivian Allen, says, "Only people who really care, would give like this."

The Stone Soup Collective is a group of local volunteers with a passion for creating a healthy community.

Executive Director, Renee Orth, says, "We're making soup from mostly local produce and we're selling it on a buy-one-give-one basis. We're supporting the local farmers, we're helping people eat nutritious food, and we're feeding people who are food insecure and feeding them quality food."

They serve the food weekly to seniors in need, giving leftovers to Meals on Wheels.

One of the soup recipients, Judith Allyn, says, "It's wonderful for the cold weather."

Allen says, "It's delicious, it's seasoned perfectly for us, not too much salt. Just perfect."

The soup is made from scratch with no animal products and ingredients which are delicate on digestion.

Orth says, "We're calling it a loaded baked potato soup with potatoes we bought on Johns Island. They're roasted to perfection and it's in a cashew cream base, so it's very rich and creamy. You wouldn't know that it wasn't a dairy base. But it's made with cashews which are much more mineral and nutrient-dense than a dairy cream and easier to digest for a lot of people. It is out of this world, people have been flipping for it."

They sustain the soup donations by selling soup to the community, with each bowl of soup sold paying for a senior's meal. They plan to expand the locations to purchase the soup and also add a "Soupmobile" food truck to take the soup to the streets, hoping to warm as many hearts as possible this winter.

Orth says, "It's wonderful that we can come together, and feed each other, and nourish each other, not just in our bodies but in our spirit."

Allyn says, "This is definitely conveying that love."

The Stone Soup Collective says they are still raising money to get their food truck moving. To donate to help them reach that goal, click here.

To find out where to purchase soup, or to get involved and volunteer, follow The Stone Soup Collective CHS on Facebook


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