MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A group of truckers were attempting to plan to strike for the end of November – but that movement has been placed on hold.

Since its creation earlier this month, some 75,000 people who say they are truckers have joined a Facebook group called “Stop the Tires 2020.” The group also was attempting a strike around Veteran’s Day, which didn’t happen.

But Stop the Tires 2020 creator Jeremy Rewoldt has backed away from calls for a work stoppage, saying, “Now is not the time.” Rewoldt discusses in a vlog how the overwhelming growth of the Facebook group took him by surprise and thrust him into a position of leadership he had not anticipated.

Another group called “Trucker Strike 2020,” says it was created long before COVID-19 and the election and that it is a non-partisan group. Its sole purpose is to help create changes made within the industry to benefit drivers.

“Please bear in mind that this page is non-partisan, and does not support any political party,” the creator of the group wrote. “I would like to stress that this page is NON-POLITICAL.”

The trucker group says drivers are “over-regulated, underpaid, and there are other issues as well; such as parking, elogs, and detention.”

Trucker strikes are difficult to organize and past attempts have had minimal impact. The effects of the latest efforts remain to be seen.

Some social media posts say a strike would create a backup on the roads and possibly delay shipments to stores, warning people to sock up on supplies. But a strike does not seem to be happening since movement leaders have called it off.

The group’s profile photo was changed to now include the words “Canceled, stand down, do not stop, now is not the time.”

“The reason why we are making an impact is, one, we are self-reliant, we don’t want to move back to cross seas to ship in our oil or have to be dependent on other countries, we want to be dependent on ourselves when we have more than enough here,” said Brian Henson, a Stop the Tires 2020 Member.

Henson, who is a former trucker, says the movement does not stop the shipment of medical or emergency supplies.