A crossing guard was hit Tuesday morning while directing traffic. It happened in front of Moultrie Middle School in Mt. Pleasant. Luckily, her injuries are minor, but one student is now being called a hero for stepping in.

8th grader Adam Lipsky says the crossing guards at Moultrie Middle do more than keep him safe.

He says, “Sometimes I wouldn’t have the best mornings, but they would just come up and say ‘Hi how are you?’, that kind of thing. And it’s crazy how that little thing can make a big difference on your day and put you in a better mood.”

It started like a normal morning, but Adam stayed aware of his surroundings.

He says, “The crosswalk guard put her stop sign up and the car I saw pulled a little too far up it looked like, so I kept an eye on it.”

Police say one car pulled too far forward, the woman’s foot slipped off the brake, and the car idled forward, hitting the crossing guard. That crossing guard was 73-year-old Laverne White who has worked in Charleston County for more than 10 years.

Lipsky says, “She was saying, ‘Ahh my leg, my leg’, that kind of area and rubbing it.”

Adam thought quickly.

He says, “I kind of pushed the car and tapped on it so she would know to stop, because I think if I didn’t she would’ve kept moving forward.”

He called EMS and stayed with Ms. White until the ambulance arrived. The driver got a ticket for disobeying a crossing guard.

Lipsky says, “I really feel bad for the driver too, just she wasn’t looking at her phone or anything. I think her foot just slipped off the brake and unfortunately it hit a cross guard.”

Adam’s teachers and principal say they are extremely proud, but like any true hero, he’s humble.

He says, “I was just trying to do the right thing at the time. Some people are saying it’s the hero act, but I think it’s just being in this community doing the right thing and that’s what kind of makes it look like you’re a hero.”

For Adam Lipsky, it’s all in a day’s work.