SULLIVAN’S ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – The Town of Sullivan’s Island is donating a fire truck to a fire station in the Bahamas that was devastated by Hurricane Dorian almost a year ago.

Thanks to the help of Sullivan’s Island, the small town Abacos in the Bahamas will get a firetruck after almost a year of having no equipment at all.

“With the firetruck coming… it’s going to be a great help, it’s going to help a lot,” says Johnny Auguste, a resident of Abacos.

Sullivan’s Island knows all too well the destruction that can be left in the wake of hurricanes.

31 years ago Hurricane Hugo brought similar devastation to the Sullivan’s Island fire department.

“Sullivan’s Island took a direct hit,” says Town Administrator Andy Benke. “A lot of the equipment and buildings were damaged and Sullivan’s Island received help.”

Sullivan’s Island received a new fire truck early this year, Fire Chief Anthony Stith saw it as the perfect opportunity to help another department in need.

“They were answering calls with no fire equipment,” says Stith. “People we’re actually [using] buckets of water trying to put out house fires.”

Auguste says the lack of fire equipment recently hit home for him and his family.

“I have a cousin of mine, they lost their house in a fire,” says Auguste. “They were all out of the house, they were all at work and they came home and the house was totally destroyed.”

Benke says the truck is going through customs in Florida before making the final leg of the journey to the Bahamas. It is expected to be delivered sometime next week.

“It’ll be a great, great, great help to have a working, fully functional firetruck coming to town,” says Auguste. “Sullivan’s Island, we greatly appreciate it.”