Summerville paves the way for road project


SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCBD) – On Wednesday morning, the town of Summerville broke ground on a new project that’s expected to pave the way to easier travel in a very congested area of town.

After a four year delay, dirt has been moved on an extension connecting North Main Street to North Maple Street.

Early in the morning, town leaders picked up shovels to pave the way for the Bear Island Parkway.

“It’s going to make travel from the western side of town to Azalea Square and back a much smother and earlier process,” says Robert Robins, SCDOT District Commissioner.

For seven years its been actively worked on, including a four year delay.

“It was a key factor in the 2015 Mayor race and ultimately played a large part in Mayor Collins defeat. I believe he had supported this for the right reasons and the council saw that and continued on with the project,” says Robins.

Following completion, the road is expected to be helpful to residents going in and out of areas such as the Weatherford Subdivision.

“Previously they only had one exit out of their subdivision and exited onto holiday drive which is very congested right now. Now they have the opportunity to get out of their subdivision and get directly onto Nexton Parkway,” says Robins.

One other problem area that this problem will help fix is North Main Street.

“Prior to the opening of the parkway, North Main Street was a bottleneck on a lot of different days and a lot of different times of day.

Upon completion, residents will be able to get out of Azalea Square without having to be on North Main Street.

“It should be a tremendous blessing to both North Main and Holiday Drive,” says Robins.

Town Officials are expecting completion of this project to be in September of next year.

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