SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A Lowcountry woman is looking for answers after she said a Walmart gift card she received, ended up being a scam.

Alicia Windham is a mother of three, who lives in Summerville. She said her father gave her a $100 Walmart gift card for Christmas. Windham said the card was purchased at the Walmart located on Saint James Avenue in Goose Creek on December 8th.

Windham told News 2, she tried to use the gift card the day after Christmas, but to her surprise, she said it had no money on it.

“I got a bunch of stuff because there was supposed to be $100 on the gift card,” said Windham. “Thank God I had some other money on me because the lady slid the card twice and she said ‘Ma’am, this has zero balance.’”

After that, Windham said she went to Customer Service, where they told her the gift card was already been used multiple times in other states. They printed her a receipt with the card’s purchase history.

Windham reached out to Walmart to see what could be done to get the money back.

Windham shared Walmart’s response with News 2. The email from the retailer read:

“We have reviewed your inquiry. Unfortunately, we have determined that your case does not fall under the terms and conditions of a compromised gift card. We are unable to refund or replace this card.”

The email continued, “Walmart is not liable for lost, stolen or compromised funds.”

Bailey Parker with the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs said this is one way scammers target gift cards.

“They will actually take the cards and they’ll copy the numbers off the back. They’ll even copy the pin,” Parker explained.

She said after that, the scammers will attempt to use the card repeatedly until it goes through, which is when it has been purchased.

When purchasing a gift card, Parker said there are a few ways consumers can avoid being scammed.

She said to make sure the gift card hasn’t been tampered with. Another tip is to buy gift cards that are behind the counter, if available.

Parker said it’s best to use gift cards sooner, rather than later. She said if they are being purchased as gifts, they should be bought last minute. The last tip is to register the gift card if the option is there.

News 2 reached out to Walmart. While they didn’t provide a statement, they said they would contact Windham.