Supergirl Firefighter Kristen Dias says helping others in their time of need is her calling


Firefighters rush in when others run out.  A desire to help others drives Kristen Dias to suit up and climb into a fire truck or EMS everyday.  She’s a News 2 Supergirl who is using her power to help and uplift others in their time of need.

Kristen Dias knew since high school this was her calling.  The 26-year-old is a firefighter paramedic for Colleton County Fire and Rescue. “I feel like it’s a calling,” Kristen says. The 26-year-old is a firefighter paramedic for Colleton county fire and rescue.  “It’s amazing.  There is no better job in the world.  I love it,  absolutely love it.”

The only woman in Station 13 in Yemassee, one of three in the department.  Kristen says, “It’s definitely a growing profession and females are finally starting to see that they can do it, which is awesome.  I get to help people on a daily basis in their worse situations.  I’m the one they call, and I get to be there and try to make their situation a little better.”

Carrying the heavy equipment on her 5’6″ frame is not a challenge for Kristen because she has always been athletic, but there is a part of the job she finds challenging.  “It’s difficult when the outcome is not a positive one, but it’s rewarding in a way sometimes we did the best we could,” says Kristen.  “It is something you carry with you and something you have to deal with.  Actually every patient I would say I get some what attached to in some way shape or form, and I feel bad for their situation, and I try to be the best that I can be for them and help them out and make their day  a little bit better,” Kristen says. “You definitely get attached.”

While some calls are more difficult than others, Kristen says she loves being able to make a difference, no matter big or small.  “We had a call on the interstate a couple of weeks ago where a jeep rolled over and the two occupants in the vehicle were o.k.  They were an older couple. They were missing their dog, and it was because we knew the dog had been hit by a car on the interstate and we had to give them that news and that wasn’t very rewarding.  Obviously that’s not something two people that was just involved in a motor vehicle accident want to hear.  We walked down, me and another firefighter about half a mile down the interstate just go get the dog’s collar so we could come back and give them closure, because they were screaming in the woods for the dog, and we didn’t want them to have to worry, and I knew when we handed them that collar that they were able to find the closure they needed to return back to where they were from.  They were from the Ohio area.  It made them happy, and it’s just the little things like that to go the extra mile even in the worst of situations, just to provide them some level of comfort and make them feel better,” says Kristen.

This dedicated firefighter loves visiting schools to talk to students about her job helping others. “Little girls do come up to me and it’s awesome. They come up to me and say I really want to be a firefighter, and that makes me happy, that makes me really happy.”

Kristen Dias has been a firefighter for six years.  She has a twin sister who is in law enforcement.  Kristen recently got engaged to her fiancee Meghan Carter.

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